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Why Free Local Video?

Free Local Video was created to help small businesses that were at a competitive disadvantage compared to their larger competitors and their bigger budgets. Video is the most engaging & captivating type of advertising, but producing & airing  a traditional commercial could easily cost you over $10,000.  Now that YouTube runs commercials there is an inexpensive way to air your commercials, but producing a commercial was still keeping most business from taking advantage of the benefits of Video Advertising. Now there is Free Local Video!

Who Started Free Local Video?

FreeLocalVideo.com is an Off Shoot of a larger Advertising Agency, Digital Agency Support.  Len & Jeff Melcher were both employed on the Google Advertising Agency Support team.  We were each assigned a group of advanced digital advertising agencies that we were in charge of helping them to get the best possible results out of their advertising dollars with Google.  Now with Digital Agency Support & Free Local Video we have the ability to make use of our Google skills & most of our senior employees used to work with us on the Google Agency Team.  We bring an expertise that most Agencies lack!

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